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Corrosion is a major problem for ships and offshore structures, costing us 4% of the total GDP. If you don’t choose the right protection method and solution provider, your vessel might end up in those statistics, hurting your reputation and potentially causing harm to people and the environment.

Thankfully, Keeper has decades of experience in using sacrificial anodes and impressed current systems to protect these structures. With our in-house corrosion engineering (FEM analysis) and additional services like Non-Destructive Testing, Marine Inspections, IRATA certified Rope Access, and a Destructive Testing and Corrosion Laboratory, Keeper helps ensure ‘A Longer Life’ for your vessel.

Why choose our anodes?

This website provides an overview of our sacrificial anode products for sea and river vessels. All Keeper anodes are designed in-house and made at our foundry in China. This lets us control product quality and ensure quick delivery times. we can deliver most types to the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions within just one month.

Harbour and offshore applications

We also design and produce sacrificial anodes for harbour and port structures (like jetties and sheet pile walls) and offshore structures (like jackets, drilling rigs, and offshore wind foundations). These anodes usually need specific engineering for each project, so they aren’t listed in this website. If you’re interested in these applications, please contact us at

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Your Partner Against Corrosion

Keeper is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for sacrificial anodes, cathodic protection materials, and marine growth prevention systems.
Based in China, we manufacture sacrificial anodes including aluminum, zinc, and magnesium types meeting CCS, DNV, BV, ABS, US military specifications, and ASTM-B418(Type 1) standards.
We also supply cathodic protection equipment like impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems including air-cooled and oil-cooled rectifiers, and we serve as agents for MMO anodes, flexible anodes, high-silicon cast iron anodes, and other related materials.
Additionally, our independently manufactured MGPS marine growth prevention systems feature a full range of electrodes and power sources.

Made In China

Looking for top-notch sacrificial anodes? Our Made in China advantage brings you cost-effective production, thanks to our massive manufacturing scale and skilled workforce. With China's prowess, we deliver quality products at competitive prices, perfect for your needs!

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Your zinc anodes are incredible! They've saved our ships from rust nightmares, making them last longer and safer.
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Priya Susanto
Those aluminum anodes are lifesavers! Our ships stay strong and sturdy, all thanks to your sacrificial aluminum anodes.
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Sungho Duncan
Your sacrificial anodes are a blessing! With zinc and aluminum, our vessels are corrosion-free and sailing smoothly.
Wei Ling Tan