Ballast Water Management System


The ballast water management system has three main steps: filtration, disinfection using seawater electrolysis, and neutralization.

Filtration: As the ship takes in water, it passes through a special filter that automatically cleans itself. This filter catches most of the tiny sea creatures and solid bits in the water.

Ballast Water Management System Filtration
Ballast Water Management System Neutralization

Disinfection: Some of the filtered seawater goes through an electrolyzer. Here, a special process creates a substance called sodium hypochlorite, which is like a powerful disinfectant. This disinfectant gets rid of any tiny organisms left in the water, making sure it meets strict cleanliness standards.

Neutralization: Before the water is released back into the sea, it’s checked to make sure it’s safe. If there’s too much leftover disinfectant, a system kicks in to balance it out. This ensures that the water going back into the ocean is just right.