Transformer Rectifier with Air Blower Cooling

Our Chinese-manufactured air-cooled transformer rectifier is like a smart power box. It automatically controls electricity flow, protecting metal structures from corrosion. It’s compact and lightweight, perfect for small, clean installations. Widely used for cathodic protection in China, especially for long pipelines, tank interiors, and buried or submerged steel structures.


Advanced Features of Our Transformer Rectifier

– Rectifier Options: Thyristor, High Frequency Switch, Silicon Rectifier
– Operation Modes: Automatic or Manual (with 25-step outputs)
– User-Friendly Touch Screen
– Clear LED Display
– Timing Interruption Program
– Built-in Surge Protection
– Optional Lightning and Sun Protection
– Optional Remote Data Transmission and Control
– Optional GPS-Synchronized Current Interruption

Additional information

AC Input

Single-phase: 220±10%V, 50±5%Hz, Three-phase: 380±10%V, 50±5%Hz

DC Output

100V, 50A

Insulation Resistance


Control Range


Control Accuracy



<80 dB

IP Level

IP44, IP66

Design Life

30 years