Cylindrical Aluminum Heat Treater Anode

Cylindrical Aluminum Heat Treater Anode: Ideal for corrosion protection in various industries. Easy installation in standard pipes for compact, high-temperature solutions.


The aluminum heater treater anode is designed as a sacrificial anode to provide exceptional corrosion protection across various industries. It is commonly used in applications such as heater treaters, heat exchangers, saltwater storage tanks, oilfield tanks, skimmers, oil-separation vessels, pressure vessels, and similar production equipment.

This anode features a cylindrical shape with a 3-inch diameter and is crafted with a 3/4-inch diameter all-thread steel rod core. It is an ideal choice for structures needing a compact corrosion protection solution, especially in environments with higher temperatures or lower chloride saltwater conditions.

When mounted in either a fiberglass “Red-Cap” or “Blue-Cap,” this cylindrical aluminum anode can be effortlessly installed or replaced using a standard 4-inch (100 mm) schedule 40 or schedule 80 pipe nipple with a grooved coupling.

Quality Substrate Material
Crafted from a high-voltage, high-potential alloy, our aluminum anode meets GS EP COR 201 standards, incorporating indium, zinc, and silicon. It’s renowned for exceptional cathodic protection in harsh saltwater/brine environments with high temperatures.

Element GALVALUM III DNV-RP-B401-2011 GS EP COR 201
Zinc (Zn) 2.0% – 6.0% 2.5% – 5.75% 4.75% – 5.75%
Indium (In) 0.01% – 0.02% 0.015% – 0.04% 0.015% – 0.02%
Silicon (Si) 0.08% – 0.2% 0.12% max. 0.06% – 0.12%
Iron (Fe) 0.13% max. 0.09% max. 0.12% max.
Copper (Cu) 0.006% max. 0.003% max. 0.003% max.
Cadmium (Cd) 0.002% max. 0.002% max.
Total Impurities 0.1% max. 0.1% max. 0.1% max.
Aluminum (Al) Remainder Remainder Remainder


Low Driving Voltage
The aluminum condenser anode maintains consistent performance in seawater and chloride-containing electrolytes by operating within a range of -1.05 to -1.10 volts compared to the saturated calomel electrode (SCE).

Technical Measurement Performance
Open Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.10 min.
Closed Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.05 min.
Current Capacity 1135 A.h/lbs (2500 A.h/kg)
Current Efficiency 90% min.
Consumption Rate 7.6 lbs/A·y (3.4 kg/A·y)


Two Mounting Head Options
Our heat treater anode is compatible with compression-molded fiberglass mount caps (available in blue or red) and comes with lead wires for easy installation. The cap features four ribs for excellent skid resistance, alignment, and stable anode flow. The red cap fits standard 4″ SCH 40 fittings with grooved couplings, while the blue cap is suitable for 4″ SCH 80 fittings with grooved Victaulic® couplings.

Customized Configurations
Below are illustrations of two commonly used sizes for heater treater anodes. We can also provide customized shapes, weights, and configurations upon request.

Item No. Anode Dimensions Insert Dimensions Weight
KA–AL–R30 Ø3″ (Ø76 mm) 30” (762 mm) 3/4”-10 UNC STUD 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg) 22 lbs (10 kg)
KA–AL–R60 Ø3″ (Ø76 mm) 60” (1524 mm) 3/4”-10 UNC STUD 37.0 lbs (16.8 kg) 44 lbs (20 kg)

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