High Silicon Cast Iron Anode Sled

This specialized system uses a PVC pipe frame filled with strong concrete, hosting six large, durable tubular anodes made from high silicon cast iron. Its purpose is to supply protective electric current to offshore structures like oil platforms, piers, and wharfs in seawater environments that demand significant current levels. The anodes will connect to a land-based power unit using two separate insulated cables.


Centrifugal Casting Process

Our tubular HSCI anodes are made using a centrifugal casting method. In this process, the casting mold spins rapidly at more than 1000 revolutions per minute, generating a strong force that removes any trapped gas and pushes impurities towards the inside of the anode, where they won’t affect its performance. This results in a dense, tightly packed metal structure that enhances the anode’s lifespan.

Low Connection Resistance

Our anodes feature zinc wedge-lock or bolt connectors positioned at the center, ensuring a very low resistance of less than 0.001 ohms. This balanced distribution of current along the entire length of the anode extends its lifespan and ensures a consistent current flow into the surrounding environment. Additionally, the connection part is protected with high-quality Epoxy Resin to prevent moisture from entering.

Low Consumption Rate

The textured surface of our anodes increases the surface area in relation to their weight, reducing the current density and resulting in a consumption rate that is 30% lower compared to traditional stick anodes, providing more amp-years of service.

Easy Installation

We offer a special cable connection device that allows for quick and easy installation. Typically, two workers can connect over 200 anodes in less than eight hours, making the installation process efficient and straightforward.

Element ASTM A518 / A518M Grade 1 (Si – Fe) ASTM A518 / A518M Grade 3 (Si – Fe – Cr) BS 1591 1975
Silicon (Si) 14.2% – 14.75% 14.2% – 14.75% 14.25 – 15.25%
Chromium (Cr) 0.5% max. 3.25% – 5.0% 0.5% max.
Manganese (Mn) 1.5% max. 1.5% max. 0.5% max.
Copper (Cu) 0.5% max. 0.5% max.
Molybdenum (Mo) 0.5% max. 0.2% max.
Carbon (C) 0.65% – 1.1% 0.7% – 1.1% 1.4% max.
Phosphorus (P) 0.25% max.
Sulphur (S) 0.1% max.
Iron (Fe) Remainder Remainder Remainder

Note: The chemical composition of ASTM A518 Grade 3 is specifically designed for electrolytes containing high levels of chloride ions. The increased chromium content in this grade is aimed at improving the performance of the anode under such conditions.

Additional information


High Silicon Cast Iron



Current Density

1 ~ 5 A/ft² (10 ~ 50 A/m²)

Consumption Rate

0.75 ~ 1.5 lbs/A.y (0.34 ~ 0.68 kg/A.y)


1050.3 lbs (476.4 kg)


Offshore Platform