Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Offshore Platform

Introducing the Braced Offshore String Anode (BOSA) system.It’s a clever solution for protecting structures in shallow seas, like oil platforms and wharfs. Instead of the usual methods, it uses a mix of materials and a special setup to keep everything in place.

You know how marine stuff, like oil rigs, lasts a really long time? Well, most of them are made of steel and can stick around for over 20 years, some even for more than 50! To keep them lasting that long, people are switching to a system called impressed current cathodic protection. It’s better for the environment, cheaper to maintain, and lasts way longer than the old way of doing things with sacrificial anodes.

And for those deep-sea adventures, there’s the Remote Offshore Static Anode (ROSA) system! It’s designed to keep those far-off oil platforms safe from corrosion, even in the deep sea. 

Offshore Platform Catholic Protection Installation illustration