Magnesium Anode Packaged in Cotton Bag



The pre-packaged magnesium anode consists of a cast magnesium core enclosed in a cotton bag filled with a moisture-absorbing backfill mix of 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite, and 5% sodium sulfate. It is then sealed in a PE bag or paper wrapping for shipping but must be unwrapped before installation.

By utilizing this depolarizing backfill, the anode’s efficiency is boosted, reducing soil resistance and improving electrical conductivity to protect buried structures like pipelines and tanks. The anode is epoxy-sealed for durability and meets rigorous standards for efficient cathodic protection in diverse soil conditions.

The raw magnesium anode is crafted from high-purity magnesium and is available in two alloy variations with different electrode potentials in relation to a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode.

Quality Substrate Material

1. Standard Magnesium Alloy Anode

Crafted to ASTM B843 – AZ63B standards, the standard potential (H1) anode comprises 90% magnesium, 6% aluminum, and 3% zinc. While aluminum and zinc reduce costs, they also lower the driving potential to around -1.55 volts concerning a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode. This type is suitable for soil with resistivity below 20 Ω.m.

2. High Potential Magnesium Alloy Anode

Manufactured from 99% pure magnesium, the high potential anode adheres to ASTM B843 – M1C standards. It boasts a higher open circuit voltage and driving potential compared to the standard potential version, reaching an open circuit potential of up to -1.7 volts. This higher driving voltage enables greater protection with fewer anodes, making it suitable for higher soil resistivity environments.

Environment-friendly Backfill

The inclusion of backfill in our anode system serves to reduce electrical resistance to the ground while maintaining moisture for enhanced efficiency and uniform anode consumption, resulting in an effective anode bed. Our backfill blend, composed of environmentally friendly materials, consists of the following weight proportions:

– Hydrated Gypsum: 75%
– Bentonite: 20%
– Sodium Sulphate: 5%

This mixture conforms to stringent industrial safety standards, ensuring minimal environmental impact with low levels of harmful elements:

– Cadmium ≤ 1 ppm
– Arsenicum ≤ 1 ppm
– Mercury ≤ 1 ppm
– Phosphorus ≤ 10 ppm

Upon request, we can provide alternative compositions for specialized backfill requirements.

Easy Installation

The prepackaged magnesium anode is designed for direct burial, streamlining on-site construction. Factory pre-processing, including backfilling, minimizes on-site tasks, ensuring swift and convenient installation while maintaining consistent anode ground bed quality.

Multiple Cable Options

Our standard lead cable measures 10 feet and is AWG #12 Solid THHN/THWN. Custom options such as PVC/PVC, XLPE/PVC, HMWPE, or TW in various sizes, lengths, and colors are available upon request. The cable connections can be made via direct brazing, mechanical fastening, or welding to guarantee strong pull force and minimal connection resistance.

Customized Configurations

Leveraging more than five decades of production expertise, we offer an extensive selection of prepackaged magnesium anodes tailored for diverse soil requirements. Keeper Anodes can customize anode dimensions, shapes, and lifespan according to your specific needs, reflecting our commitment to meeting your unique specifications.

D-Shaped Anode

D shaped Bare Magnesium Anode Linedrawing