Marine Linear Stripe Anode for Cathodic Protection System

High-output MMO Linear Anode for efficient ship ICCP systems, reducing anode count for large vessels. Ideal near engine rooms.



This MMO linear anode delivers strong performance relative to its size, allowing for fewer anodes to protect large ships. Suitable for various vessels with anodes near the engine room.

Quality Substrate Material
The anode’s titanium base conforms to the ASTM B265 Grade 1 standard, ensuring high purity for exceptional chemical corrosion resistance and minimal electrical resistance.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating
The mixed metal oxide catalyst (IrO2/Ta2O5) is fused onto the titanium substrate, showcasing remarkable chemical stability under high current densities. We offer anodes with customizable coating thickness and noble metal oxide ratios. Stringent quality control is maintained during coating for optimal thickness and adhesion.

Good Water Tightness
The anode is encapsulated in waterproof epoxy resin to prevent leakage effectively.

Easy Installation and Replacement
The disc anode features internal bolts for flush mounting on the ship’s hull and can be replaced underwater by a diver with support from a shipboard technician.

Customized Configurations
We offer four standard sizes with different current outputs. Our skilled engineers can tailor the anode’s dimensions, lifespan, and current output to your precise requirements upon request.