MMO Oval-Shaped Disc Anode for Ship ICCP System

High-performance MMO disc anode for ship hulls’ ICCP systems, providing uniform current distribution in diverse marine conditions.



This type of MMO disc anode is commonly utilized within impressed current cathodic protection systems for ship hulls. Encased in a dielectric shield to ensure uniform current distribution across the hull, it is compatible with freshwater, brackish water, and seawater conditions.

Crafted with a titanium substrate coated in a mixed metal oxide catalyst, the active surface of the disc anode experiences minimal consumption, measured in milligrams per year, when exposed to seawater. The mixed metal oxide coating facilitates efficient direct current transfer, enabling higher current outputs. Consequently, the disc anode maintains consistent dimensions throughout its operational lifespan.

Fashioned as a streamlined oval plate, this slim disc anode seamlessly integrates with the hull, reducing drag resistance and preserving optimal flow dynamics during ship journeys. Its low-profile design also mitigates the risk of abrasion from anchor chains, ensuring long-term functionality and protection.

Quality Substrate Material
The choice of titanium substrate for the anode adheres to the specifications outlined in the ASTM B265 Grade 1 standard. This high-grade titanium offers exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and exhibits minimal electrical resistance, meeting the stringent requirements for cathodic protection systems.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating
The mixed metal oxide catalyst (IrO2/Ta2O5) applied to the titanium substrate showcases remarkable chemical stability even under high current density conditions. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to customize anodes with varying coating thicknesses and ratios of noble metal oxides as per customer specifications. Stringent quality control measures are implemented during the coating process to guarantee consistent thickness and strong adhesion of the coating.

Good Water Tightness
To prevent any leakage, the anode is encapsulated with a waterproof epoxy resin.

Easy Installation and Replacement
The disc anode is designed with internal bolts for flush mounting on the ship’s hull, allowing for convenient replacement by a diver with support from a technician onboard the ship.

Customized Configurations
We offer four standard sizes of the disc anode, each differing in their current output capacity. Our skilled engineers can collaborate with you to tailor the anode size, lifespan, and current output according to your unique requirements upon request.