MMO Round Disc Anode for Ship Cathodic Protection System (Circular Shape)

Efficient MMO Disc Anode for Ship ICCP System, ensuring uniform current distribution and long-lasting performance in marine environments.



This MMO disc anode is commonly utilized in ship hulls’ impressed current cathodic protection systems. It is encased in a dielectric shield to evenly disperse current across the hull in various water conditions.

Constructed with a titanium base coated in a mixed metal oxide catalyst, the disc anode’s current-emitting surface exhibits minimal consumption rates, measured in milligrams per year. The highly conductive nature of the mixed metal oxide catalyst ensures efficient direct current transfer, allowing for higher current outputs and maintaining consistent dimensions over time.

Designed as a flat circular/elliptical plate, this slim disc anode seamlessly integrates with the hull, reducing drag resistance and preserving flow dynamics during voyages. Its low profile also prevents rubbing from anchor chains, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Quality Substrate Material
The anode’s titanium base adheres to the specifications outlined in the ASTM B265 Grade 1 standard, ensuring exceptional chemical corrosion resistance and minimal electrical resistance due to its high purity composition.

Noble Metal Oxide Coating
The mixed metal oxide catalyst (IrO2/Ta2O5) fused onto the titanium substrate exhibits robust chemical stability under high current density. We offer customizable anodes with varying coating thickness and noble metal oxide ratios upon request, maintaining rigorous quality control for proper adhesion and thickness during the coating process.

Good Water Tightness
To prevent leaks, the anode is encapsulated in waterproof epoxy resin.

Easy Installation and Replacement
The disc anode is designed with internal bolts for flush mounting on the ship’s hull and can be replaced underwater with the help of a diver and a shipboard technician.

Customized Configurations
We offer four standard sizes with different current outputs. Our team of experienced engineers can tailor the anode’s size, lifespan, and output current to your specific requirements upon request.

Item No. Diameter Current Output (Nominal/Max.)
KA-MMO-VC500 Ø196.9″ (Ø500 mm) 118 A / 195 A
KA-MMO-VC400 Ø157.8″ (Ø400 mm) 75 A / 125 A