Prepackaged Magnesium Anode (Encased in Cardboard Tube)

Prepackaged magnesium anode for efficient cathodic protection.



The prepackaged magnesium anode consists of a cast magnesium core encased centrally in a cardboard tube containing a highly absorbent backfill mix of 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite, and 5% sodium sulfate. This entire assembly is then securely wrapped in a PE bag or paper outer lining for shipping purposes, which should be removed before installation.

Using this depolarizing backfill can further enhance the efficiency of the anode by reducing anode-to-soil resistance, enabling easier flow of electrical current to the intended structure.

Our magnesium anode features sealed cable and joints with epoxy resin, meeting the demanding requirements of fast-paced engineering projects. These prepackaged magnesium anodes are widely used for cathodic protection in various soil resistivities, including pipelines, underground tanks, external tank bases, and similar structures.

Quality Substrate Material

The raw magnesium anode is crafted from high-purity magnesium and offers two alloy options with differing electrode potentials relative to a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode.

1. Standard Magnesium Alloy Anode

Crafted in compliance with ASTM B843 – AZ63B standard, the standard potential (H1) anode comprises 90% Magnesium, 6% Aluminum, and 3% Zinc. While zinc and aluminum help reduce costs, they also lower the driving potential to around -1.55 volts concerning a Cu/CuSO4 reference electrode. This type is suitable for soil conditions with resistivity under 20 Ω.m.

2. High Potential Magnesium Alloy Anode

Manufactured using 99% pure magnesium per ASTM B843 – M1C standard, the high potential anode exhibits a higher open circuit voltage and driving potential compared to the standard version. Its open circuit potential reaches as high as -1.7 volts. The increased driving voltage allows for greater protection with fewer anodes, making it suitable for environments with higher soil resistivity.

Environment-friendly Backfill

The included backfill serves to reduce the electrical resistance of the anode to the ground and maintain moisture, enhancing efficiency and ensuring even anode consumption for an effective anode bed. Our backfill is composed of environmentally friendly materials in the following proportions:

– Hydrated Gypsum: 75%
– Bentonite: 20%
– Sodium Sulphate: 5%

The backfill meets industrial safety standards with minimal harmful elements, ensuring no environmental pollution:

– Cadmium ≤ 1 ppm
– Arsenicum ≤ 1 ppm
– Mercury ≤ 1 ppm
– Phosphorus ≤ 10 ppm

Customized backfill compositions are available upon request, tailored to specific requirements.

Easy Installation

The prepackaged magnesium anode is designed for direct burial, streamlining on-site construction by conducting certain processes, like backfilling, at the factory before delivery. This approach ensures a convenient and swift installation process while maintaining consistent quality in the construction and installation of the anode ground bed.

Multiple Cable Options

Our standard lead cable is 10ft. AWG #12 Solid THHN/THWN. Other options include PVC/PVC, XLPE/PVC, HMWPE or TW, which can be supplied in custom sizes, lengths and colors upon request. The cable can be connected by direct brazing, mechanical fastening or welding to ensure high pull strength and low connection resistance.