Square Condenser Aluminum Anode

Economical, efficient aluminum condenser anode for corrosion protection in saline environments.



The condenser aluminum anode is an economical and efficient choice for protecting against corrosion in saline water environments with low electrical resistivity. Compared to magnesium and zinc anodes in saltwater, it offers higher current efficiency despite its lighter weight.

This anode features a galvanized steel pipe core for easy mounting on steel studs. It is widely employed in cathodic protection for tank interiors, condenser water boxes, heat exchanger shells, chillers, and cooling water system tubes or tube sheets.

Quality Substrate Material
Manufactured from low-iron, high-purity alloys, our condenser aluminum anode conforms to ISO, NACE, and DNV standards.

Element GALVALUM III DNV-RP-B401-2011 GS EP COR 201
Zinc (Zn) 2.0% ~ 6.0% 2.5% ~ 5.75% 4.75% ~ 5.75%
Indium (In) 0.01% ~ 0.02% 0.015% ~ 0.04% 0.015% ~ 0.02%
Silicon (Si) 0.08% ~ 0.2% 0.12% max. 0.06% ~ 0.12%
Iron (Fe) 0.13% max. 0.09% max. 0.12% max.
Copper (Cu) 0.006% max. 0.003% max. 0.003% max.
Cadmium (Cd) 0.002% max. 0.002% max.
Total Impurities 0.1% max. 0.1% max. 0.1% max.
Aluminum (Al) Remainder Remainder Remainder


Low Driving Voltage
Our aluminum condenser anode delivers consistent performance even in seawater and electrolytes with chloride ions, maintaining an operational potential ranging from -1.05 to -1.10 volts relative to the saturated calomel electrode (SCE).

Technical Measurement Performance
Open Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.10 min.
Closed Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.05 min.
Current Capacity 1135 A.h/lbs (2500 A.h/kg)
Current Efficiency 90% min.
Consumption Rate 7.6 lbs/A·y (3.4 kg/A·y)


Much Lighter in Weight
The condenser aluminum anode offers a lower density compared to zinc, resulting in a weight advantage and facilitating easier handling during installation.

Customized Configurations
Below are showcased various standard condenser anodes, and we are ready to accommodate custom-made requests for different shapes, weights, and configurations as needed.

Item No. Anode Dimensions Insert Dimensions Weight
KA-AL-SP13 8″ (203 mm) 2″ (51 mm) Ø3/4″ (Ø19.05 mm) Pipe 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg) 12.7 lbs (5.8 kg)
KA-AL-SC13 8″ (203 mm) 2″ (51 mm) Ø3/4″ (Ø19.05 mm) NPT Coupling 12.5 lbs (5.7 kg) 12.7 lbs (5.8 kg)
KA-AL-SP23 8″ (203 mm) 4″ (102 mm) Ø3/4″ (Ø19.05 mm) Pipe 23 lbs (10.4 kg) 23.2 lbs (10.5 kg)
KA-AL-SC23 8″ (203 mm) 4″ (102 mm) Ø3/4″ (Ø19.05 mm) NPT Coupling 23 lbs (10.4 kg) 23.2 lbs (10.5 kg)