Tapered End External Bolted Segmented Bracelet Aluminum Anode

Indium-activated segmented bracelet anode for pipeline cathodic protection, easy installation with clamps.


Our indium-activated segmented bracelet aluminum anode is tailor-made for safeguarding submarine/offshore pipelines. Comprising multiple individual anode sections, this segmented bracelet is ideal for direct attachment around pipeline circumferences, installed using clamps. Featuring tapered ends, it facilitates smooth movement over stringers during pipeline laying.

Quality Substrate Material
Our bracelet anode, made from high-purity alloys with low iron content, conforms to ISO, NACE, and DNV standards.

Element GALVALUM III DNV-RP-B401-2011 GS EP COR 201
Zinc (Zn) 2.0% ~ 6.0% 2.5% ~ 5.75% 4.75% ~ 5.75%
Indium (In) 0.01% ~ 0.02% 0.015% ~ 0.04% 0.015% ~ 0.02%
Silicon (Si) 0.08% ~ 0.2% 0.12% max. 0.06% ~ 0.12%
Iron (Fe) 0.13% max. 0.09% max. 0.12% max.
Copper (Cu) 0.006% max. 0.003% max. 0.003% max.
Cadmium (Cd) 0.002% max. 0.002% max.
Total Impurities 0.1% max. 0.1% max. 0.1% max.
Aluminum (Al) Remainder Remainder Remainder


Low Driving Voltage
Our bracelet aluminum anode delivers consistent performance in seawater and chloride ion-containing electrolytes due to its operating potential range of -1.05 to -1.10 volts relative to the saturated calomel electrode (SCE).

Technical Measurement Performance
Open Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.10 min.
Closed Circuit Voltage (-V) 1.05 min.
Current Capacity 1135 A.h/lbs (2500 A.h/kg)
Current Efficiency 90% min.
Consumption Rate 7.6 lbs/A·y (3.4 kg/A·y)


Customized Configurations
Anodes are typically tailored to match the dimensions of the pipe, with custom configurations offered upon request.


Utilizing the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and strict internal testing protocols, we guarantee the best durability and performance of our anodes. Each anode is assigned a unique serial number for quality monitoring purposes.

Testing Details Chemical Composition Electrochemical Performance Physical Properties
Testing Standard DNV-RP-B401 NACE TM0190 Foundry ITP
Testing Content Chemical Analysis Circuit Potential / Current Capacity / Current Efficiency / Electrical Resistance Dimension & Weight / Surface Finish / Steel Insert
Equipments Optical Emission Spectrometer OBLF QSN 750 Electrochemical Analyzer EPI 200 Calibrated Digital Measuring Devices