Transformer Rectifier Unit with Oil Cooling (Horizontal Configuration)

An oil-cooled transformer rectifier is like a basic cooling system that uses the natural flow of oil to keep things from getting too hot. It’s perfect for really tough weather conditions, like deserts or offshore areas, where regular air-cooled systems wouldn’t cut it. Plus, it’s great for places with aggressive atmospheres or dangerous environments.


Features of Our Power Module

Check out the cool stuff our power module can do! It’s got two types of parts inside that make it work really well. You can switch it between auto and manual modes easily, and there are 25 different levels you can set it to.

It’s super easy to use with a touchscreen and shows you all the info you need with a bright digital display. You can even set up times for it to stop working if you want.

And for extra safety, you can get protection from power surges, lightning, and even the sun! Plus, if you want to control it from far away, you can do that too.

Additional information

AC Input

Single-phase: 220±10%V, 50±5%Hz, Three-phase: 380±10%V, 50±5%Hz

Control Range


Control Accuracy



<80 dB

IP Level


Design Life

30 years