Transformer Rectifier Unit with Oil Cooling (Vertical Configuration)

An oil-cooled transformer rectifier is a simple cooling system that uses the natural flow of oil to keep the transformer and rectifier cool. This setup is ideal for tough weather conditions like deserts, offshore areas, or places with harsh environments. It’s perfect for places where air-cooled systems wouldn’t hold up, like hazardous or explosive environments. Plus, it’s made in China, so you know you’re getting quality manufacturing at a great value. Keep your operations running smoothly with a reliable oil-cooled transformer rectifier from our Chinese production factory!


Advanced Features of Our Rectifier Module

Our cutting-edge rectifier module boasts top-of-the-line components, including thyristor and silicon rectifiers. With the flexibility of both auto and manual mode switch options, featuring 25-step outputs, you’re in complete control of your power management.

Navigate effortlessly with our intuitive touch screen panel and stay informed with the LED digital display. Our module also includes a timing interruption program for precise scheduling and surge protection for added security.

For enhanced safety, consider our optional lightning protection and sun protection features. Additionally, for seamless integration into your system, opt for the data remote transmission and control capability.

For industries requiring unparalleled precision, our optional GPS synchronization current interrupter ensures synchronized operation across your network. Trust in our reliable and adaptable rectifier module for your power needs.

Additional information

AC Input

Single-phase: 220±10%V, 50±5%Hz, Three-phase: 380±10%V, 50±5%Hz

DC Output

100V, 50A

Insulation Resistance


Control Range


Control Accuracy



<80 dB

IP Level

IP55, IP66

Design Life

30 years