ZHS-42 Weld-On Hull Anode (Zinc), 12 x 6 x 2.5

Sacrificial Zinc Alloy Anodes with Galvanized Mounting Strips. High-quality protection.


Anodes:Plate zincs
Size: 12″ long, 6″ wide, 2″ thick
Weight: 38.00 lbs
Mounting: Galvanized steel strips for easy welding or drilling
Environment: Suitable for both fresh and sea water
Features: Copper contacts for permanent ground, stainless screws with washer retainers
Quality: Higher weight indicates better quality and superior cathodic protection
Standards: Meets Mil-Spec A-18001, A-18001A, and A-18001K

MIL DTL 18001L 页面 15