Zinc hull anodes with a single strap in oval shape

Find high-quality zinc anodes for marine corrosion protection from China’s leading supplier.

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Zinc anodes are essential equipment for hull protection through galvanic corrosion prevention, particularly in marine applications such as ships, barges, and tankers. We provide high-grade zinc anodes that adhere to or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Our anodes are designed with both weld-on and bolt-on mounting systems, offering flexibility in installation based on your vessel’s requirements. These anodes are crafted from a Zn-Al-Cd alloy, meeting specifications outlined in standards like GB-T4950-2002 and ASTM B418-95 US MILL 18001K.

One of the key advantages of zinc anodes is their ability to continuously slough off any film buildup, exposing fresh zinc alloy to water and maintaining electrochemical activity. This feature ensures long-term effectiveness in corrosion protection for vital components like shafts, rudders, outboards, stern drives, and propellers.

Knowing when to replace zinc anodes is crucial for maintaining optimal protection. Typically, replacement is recommended when about half of the anode has corroded. Our zinc anodes are designed to last ideally for a year or longer, depending on their weight and usage conditions.

We are proud to offer certificates from reputable organizations such as CCS, ABS, and BV for our marine-grade zinc anodes. Please feel free to reach out to us for further discussions or inquiries regarding our products and services.