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Keeper Limited, based in China, is a comprehensive provider of sacrificial anodes, cathodic protection materials, and marine growth prevention system(MGPS). We specialize in manufacturing sacrificial anodes including aluminum, zinc, and magnesium anodes that meet CCS, DNV, BV, ABS, US military specifications, and ASTM-B418(Type 1) standards. Our global footprint extends to markets across Greece, France, the UK, and beyond, earning accolades for excellence.

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Sacrificial Anodes
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In addition to sacrificial anodes, we produce essential equipment for impressed current cathodic protection systems, such as transformer and rectifiers, available in various specifications including air-cooled and oil-cooled models.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to complete sets of electrodes and power supply units required for Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS), all manufactured in-house.

Leveraging the robust supply chain of China’s manufacturing sector, we offer a comprehensive range of products for cathodic protection and anti-marine biofouling solutions, delivering exceptional quality at competitive prices.

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