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  • High Silicon Cast Iron Anode Sled

    This specialized system uses a PVC pipe frame filled with strong concrete, hosting six large, durable tubular anodes made from high silicon cast iron. Its purpose is to supply protective electric current to offshore structures like oil platforms, piers, and wharfs in seawater environments that demand significant current levels. The anodes will connect to a land-based power unit using two separate insulated cables.

  • High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anode

    This tubular anode, made of high silicon cast iron alloy containing 14% to 18% silicon, is highly resistant to both acidic and alkaline environments. It develops a porous, semi-conductive silicon dioxide (SiO₂) film on its surface, which helps reduce its consumption rate over time.

    Keeper Anodes employs a specialized centrifugal chill casting process using static metal molds to create these high-quality alloys with consistent weight and superior microstructure. The anode’s surface features a unique granular texture that enhances current distribution, improving its utilization efficiency by 85% to 90%. Accelerated corrosion tests confirm that our chill casting anodes provide more ampere-years per pound compared to competing products.

    This type of tubular high silicon cast iron anode is well-regarded for its centralized cable connection and enhanced sealing properties, which benefit from additional sealing materials inside the anode. After making the connection, it can be sealed using polyurethane alone or a combination of polyurethane and Novoid A electrical sealant.

    Our tubular high silicon cast iron anode finds widespread use in various applications for impressed current cathodic protection, including deep well systems, shallow installations, and offshore structures.